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At FORGE, we give forward-thinking innovators the tools they need to succeed, from education and training to connections to local supply chains. To continue advancing our vision, we rely on our committed partners.

Partners contribute to FORGE’s thought leadership, education, and funding. Delivering on their dedication to supporting ingenuity through action as well as financial support, FORGE partners connect with and support a vibrant, growing community of innovators and companies. They help our innovative community build a better world through their contributions to exciting markets like cleantech, robotics, and medical technology.

Why Engage with FORGE?






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Why Partner with FORGE?

Supporting innovation in your region. Helping smart, creative people build the future of physical products. Supporting a vibrant and resilient local manufacturing ecosystem. Reducing supply-chain carbon emissions. These are just a few of the benefits of supporting FORGE. Companies partner with FORGE because they understand the importance of supporting their regional innovation community. Additional benefits can include:

  • Establishing thought leadership and building your brand with our communities of innovative companies and suppliers
  • Hosting and speaking at public and curated events like factory tours, educational webinar sessions, and panel discussions
  • The opportunity to place an educational content piece on our website, showing innovative companies your expertise and value
  • High-visibility opportunities at our Startup Showcase events with innovation and manufacturing ecosystem attendees. Partners can get a table in the showcase, a logo banner, and the opportunity to network with dozens of relevant startups and ecosystem partners
  • Your logo in the Manufacturing Showcase Room. We display sponsors’ logos, products, and print materials in the manufacturing showcase room in our headquarters
  • Mentions on social media, including direct posts and retweets
  • A company feature on the FORGE website with inclusion in our e-newsletter

A FORGE Sponsorship Success: AMI

Sponsor Local Innovation & Forge Impact

At FORGE, we are dedicated to bridging the gap between the region’s most forward-thinking startups and our local supply chain network to support a self-fueling ecosystem of innovation. To continue advancing FORGE’s vision, we rely on our committed partners. Through their dedication to supporting ingenuity in the community, FORGE partners help fuel the regional manufacturing ecosystem and gain unequaled access to our expansive network of companies across the supply chain from cutting-edge startups to design firms, and engineering firms.

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Titanium Partners

The Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development logo
Cummings Foundation logo
IN2 logo
State of Massachusetts logo
The Samtec logo
Woka Foundation logo

Steel Partners

American Made Challenges logo
Dassault Systemes logo
Enterprise Bank logo
ICSN logo
Massachusetts Clean Energy Center logo
MassMEP logo
Springfield Technology Park logo
Wolf Greenfield logo

Iron Partners

Alpine Bearing logo
AMI logo
Bayard Design logo
The Burt Process Equipment logo
Cambridge Polymer Group logo
Hypertherm Ventures logo
Kalow Technologies logo
The Pearse Bertram Streamline logo
PEKO logo
Plastics Manufacturing Resources logo
Product Resources logo

Friends of FORGE

Automatic Specialties logo
Beacon Medtech Solutions logo
Cofab Design logo
Daniel Consulting Group logo
Finish Line PDS logo
The MassDevelopment logo
Newgrange Design logo
Next Rung Technology logo
Sparx Engineering logo

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If you are interested in sponsoring FORGE, reach out today.