Why Manufacturing Here Matters

Manufacturing Locally Matters

If you can invent it locally, you should be able to manufacture it locally. Local production offers unique competitive advantages for innovators.

  • Meet manufacturers and suppliers in person to review designs and discuss strategies
  • Have a front-row seat when your product comes off the line
  • Benefit from strengthened communication, quality control, and shorter lead times
  • Avoid the unexpected tariffs, shipping costs, and management overhead of overseas partnerships
  • Contribute to the local economy
  • Reduce your carbon footprint

You have high-quality and trustworthy resources right in your own backyard. Let us make curated introductions to companies who would love to work with you. FORGE has relationships with hundreds of innovation-friendly manufacturers and suppliers in the New England area. We’re proud to support the scaling of innovative products with robust local manufacturing, smart suppliers and other expert resources. Almost 60 percent of the connections we make are within 60 miles of each other.

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