FORGE’s Supply Chain Network

FORGE’s mission is to help innovators move from physical prototype through to commercialization and impact at scale. An important aspect of this mission is making right-fit connections between innovators and our supply chain network.

The FORGE supply chain network includes manufacturers, design firms, contract engineers and other suppliers, experts and consultants. These companies join our network because they’re committed to working with innovators and small businesses to support their physical build and path to deployment.

Innovators often struggle to find someone willing to engage in a contract with a small company making a boundary-pushing new product. Luckily, our supply chain network lets us make right-fit connections between innovative companies and manufacturers/suppliers who are enthusiastic about collaborating with them.

We believe that if you can invent it here, you should be empowered to build it here. We make connections with a focus on localization, nearshoring, and long-term business relationships. Seventy-five percent of our connections are within 100 miles of each other. This focus creates jobs and economic growth, a win-win for innovators and local suppliers in the regions we serve.

FORGE’s curated matches drive the creation of successful, collaborative business relationships. We continually add the best regional supply chain and service providers to our network, supporting a thriving innovation and manufacturing ecosystem.

Samtec team members at a FORGE event

Why Join FORGE’s Network?

  • FORGE is a mission-driven 501(c)(3) nonprofit, so it costs nothing to join the network. We never charge either our innovators or our network suppliers for the services we provide.
  • Opportunity for new business! FORGE connections have resulted in more than $41M in known contracts
  • Manufacturing innovative products attracts a mission-motivated workforce by demonstrating your dedication to innovation and willingness to engage with innovative technologies
  • FORGE helps you discover future opportunities and markets
  • FORGE derisks connections – we ensure our referrals are right-fit and ready
  • We have built trusted relationships through more than 2,500 curated connections between innovators and supply chain partners
  • Access to FORGE’s public events creates opportunities to strengthen and grow your connections, credibility, and brand recognition
  • FORGE makes it easy. When an innovator requests the product or service your company provides, we make the introduction, and you take it from there

Why Engage with FORGE?






Survival Rate for FORGE Supported Startups

Become Part of Our

Supply Chain Network

Get introductions to innovative customers who need just what you offer. Attend events to meet potential clients and colleagues in your field, promote your brand, and keep up with industry trends. Support the movement toward localized manufacturing. Win contracts with well-funded startups as well as established innovators. Be a part of creating bold, ground-breaking physical products. Join  the FORGE supply chain network today!

Who Is In Our Supply Chain Network?

FORGE’s supply chain network aids startups with physical prototypes and beyond, as well as established innovative companies. Our network’s diverse expertise helps advance physical products from prototype through full-scale production. Our innovators’ needs range from design for scale and stress-testing a prototype to sourcing raw materials or mass manufacturing. Our supply chain network has the knowledge and services to address almost any product need. We are always looking for suppliers who are leaders in the following services…and beyond.

Supply Chain Network
Automation Composites Consulting Electronics Engineering Finishing Logistics Metal Forming and Fabricating Plastics Product testing & certification Textiles


  • Fluid systems 
  • Robotics 
  • Actuators



  • Supply chain 
  • Investments 
  • IP


  • PCBA 
  • Cable & harness 
  • HMI 
  • Box build assembly 


  • Full product development 
  • Electrical 
  • Mechanical 
  • Industrial
  • Process


  • Painting 
  • Powder coating 
  • Silk screening 
  • Decals 


  • Warehousing 
  • Air, water, and land freight shipping 
  • Packaging 

Metal Forming and Fabricating

  • Machining 
  • Sheet metal 
  • Casting 
  • Welding 
  • Laser 


  • 3D printing 
  • Casting 
  • Extruding
  • Molding 
  • Thermoform
  • Machining

Product testing & certification

  • Safety testing 
  • Lifestyle testing
  • Quality


Supplier Features