FORGE Manufacturing Readiness Workshops

FORGE Manufacturing Readiness Workshops


June 10, 2024 - June 14, 2024    
11:00 am - 12:00 pm


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FORGE will be holding a series of workshops in June 2024 around manufacturing readiness!

The workshops will be held June 10th-14th, daily at 11:00am-12:00pm EST.

Topics include:

Funding Innovation from Idea to A-Round

Segmented into four key sections—Reason, Type, Likelihood, and Decision—this workshop offers a comprehensive understanding of funding innovation. Reason addresses the fundamentals of when and why fundraising is necessary. Type explores diverse funding options, including insights into Vested Interest partnerships and challenges associated with each. Likelihood assesses the probability of investment opportunities, while Decision discusses crucial factors to consider when evaluating and accepting funding offers.

Design for X: So Much More than Manufacturing

Exploring the broader scope of product design, this workshop illustrates the benefits of designing for excellence. With strong consideration to the intended market for your product the pivotal moments for design changes, defining the startup’s ‘x’ in ‘Design for X,’ (for example, Design for Manufacturing, Design for Assembly, Design for Use, and more) and the methodologies to achieve excellence through design, this workshop shows how designing for excellence means success for the startup, manufacturer, and customer alike.

Planning for Scaling Manufacturing

Within this workshop, startups pause to delve into the foundational ‘why’ of their business, comprehensively exploring their business model and identifying the driving forces behind their operations. Guiding startups through this analytical process, the workshop subsequently delves into strategies for gearing up towards their next build stage.

Managing Development: Processes Needed to Move from Development to Commercialization

Exploring the transition from product development to commercialization, this workshop delves into the comprehensive prerequisites for advancing a physical product. It emphasizes the progression from conceptualization to the final product, highlighting the significance of prototyping and selecting optimal manufacturing methods. Additionally, it provides essential insights into creating a robust Bill of Materials and a detailed Bill of Processes, among other documentation.

Managing Your Primary Contract Manufacturer

In this workshop, startups are guided through the intricate steps of selecting their primary contract manufacturer, both on a technical and personal level. Through a practical case study, participants evaluate potential manufacturers, equipping themselves for real-world decision-making. Emphasizing essential communication skills pivotal in engaging with suppliers, this workshop provides startups with the necessary tools to discern and choose the ideal manufacturer tailored to their needs.