Connecting Startups to the Regional Supply Chain

zoom meeting

This introductory event gave an insight into how FORGE helps startups navigate the journey from physical prototype to commercialization and impact at scale by hearing directly from three companies FORGE has supported – Freight Farms, Coldharbour Tiles, and Infinite Cooling.

Dan Marino, Director of Manufacturing at Freight Farms, introduced their hydroponic farms that are built-in shipping containers. These farms can be found across the country in 46 states, and in countries around the world. Freight Farms initially came to FORGE because they needed a new contract manufacturer that could build their unusual, large scale large product that they have never physically built themselves before.

Next, the founder and CEO of Coldharbour Tiles, Emily Packer, spoke about the product development process for their product: wall tiles which are made from hard-to-recycle, single-use plastic. Coldharbour Tiles came to FORGE looking to concentrate their supply chain on the US east coast, seeing the great value in manufacturing regionally. While Coldharbour Tiles was founded in Rwanda, they have relocated to the United States and through FORGE is working with local resources to design to manufacture nearby.

Lastly, Kevin Hsu, Senior Operations Manager at Infinite Cooling, spoke to their work to reduce water scarcity around the world. This is another large-scale product, with their technology placed on top of a cooling tower where electrofields and electrostatics are used to efficiently capture water vapor and recycle it back into the cooling tower loop. Infinite Cooling first reached out to FORGE for our help in the process of redesigning for their first commercial installation

Our startup panelists shared a personal overview of their impactful work and complex supply chain needs, as well as the specific solutions and connections they found through FORGE referrals. They were also able to offer advice to other startups in attendance about navigating manufacturing and more. You can watch a recording of the event here.