Controlling the Uncontrollable: Supply Chain Event & Opportunities for Startups

zoom meeting

FORGE hosted Controlling the Uncontrollable: Supply Chain Trends for Startups with MassMEP, a non-profit that provides consulting services to small and medium-sized manufacturers, on how to position companies for the next major pandemic.

A great discussion was led by Tom Andrellos of MassMEP on how to help startups survive through the pandemic and grow their business even further. He highlighted the importance of a manufacturing risk mitigation roadmap, with additional help from MassMEP and FORGE. MassMEP provides the opportunity for free risk assessment training for all small companies. This “Business and Continuity and Contingency Planning” process helps companies understand how to mitigate risk due to unforeseen circumstances. This training starts on November 9th to November 12th and enables companies to leave with their own built-out mitigation plan. For more information and to sign up, please visit this link.

It is becoming increasingly important for any company, especially small to medium-sized businesses like startups, to be well trained in case of any unpredicted events.