Representative Wagner Visits Greentown Labs

group in front of Greentown labs

FORGE was very excited to host Representative Joseph Wagner, the Assistant Majority Leader of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, for a tour of Greentown Labs. Representative Wagner has been a continued supporter of both cleantech and the Massachusetts innovation community. This includes support for the Greentown Learn Manufacturing Initiative’s mission of connecting hardware startups with regional manufacturing.

The tour featured pitches from Greentown’s own, Heila Technologies, Rise Robotics, and Ivys Energy Solution, showing off their brand new Hydrogen fueling station outside of Greentown Labs. Heila has been a very successful user of the manufacturing initiative, getting everything from their printed circuit boards to their enclosures sourced through manufacturing initiative introductions while Rise Robotics highlights FORGE’s east-west connection, having gotten parts from Peerless Precision, a precision machining shop in Westfield MA. FORGE is very thankful to have the support and backing of officials like Representative Wagner as we continue to help hardware startups reach their potential.