Rocket Roundtable

Zoom meeting

On August 28th, FORGE hosted their monthly Rocket Roundtable for Supply Chain Solutions. The goal of this event is to give startups a platform to present their products and any manufacturing challenges to a panel of supply chain experts. The startups receive immediate feedback on design, strategy, and direction from the panel, to bring them one step closer to market! Both startups had contacted FORGE with supply chain needs as they scale their operations, and we were able to match these needs with specific capabilities within our network of over 400 regional suppliers.

A startup engineering a wearable device for deaf and hard of hearing to experience music through direct vibrations on the body, called Tactus Music, and a western Massachusetts-based startup making an innovative gourmet coffee machine (not yet named) shared their prototypes and existing roadblocks to scale. On the supplier panel were FORGE sponsors Synectic, Cambridge Polymer Group, Samtec and Lando and Anastasi. This curated panel of suppliers brought expertise in various areas of product development, testing, prototyping, IP, and scalable production, and were able to provide the startup attendees with both knowledge and local resources to solve their current manufacturing roadblocks.