Rocket Roundtable

zoom meeting

Rocket Roundtable (10/2/20)

On October 2nd, FORGE hosted a public, virtual Rocket Roundtable for Supply Chain Solutions. Startups pitched their product and received live advice from the supply chain expert panelists.

Two startups presented: Infinite Cooling, which has a patent-pending technology that recovers water from the evaporative losses of cooling towers, and Obaggo Recycling LLC which minimizes waste by condensing plastic bags into recyclable pucks. Both companies contacted FORGE with supply chain needs that we were able to address through right-fit connections within our network of over 400 regional suppliers.

Product development challenges included determining the right fit material for a component that will be installed outdoors, and streamlining the design to reduce the cost of manufacturing a crucial hatch mechanism. Our panelist of western Massachusetts suppliers provided expert guidance and resources in various areas of product development, prototyping, testing, IP, and scalable production.