Rocket Roundtable

zoom meeting

In our latest Rocket Pitch on December 3rd, three FORGE network startups presented: ARC Industries, a company building a small scale vertical axis wind turbine, Kuva Systems, a company making an industrial camera system that can visualize natural gas leaks, and Quempin, a company working to innovate an efficient and low emission gas burner. These innovators came to FORGE with a variety of supply chain needs – from ARC Industries looking for manufacturers with machining and welding capabilities, Kuva Systems needing injection molding capabilities for scaling up their product, and Quempin looking for an assembly house to make their product in the United States.

We matched these requests with our curated panel of suppliers, Intertek, PEKO Precision, and Samtec who brought expertise in various areas of product development, testing, prototyping, and scalable production. Through this event we were able to provide the startup attendees with both knowledge and local resources to solve their current manufacturing roadblocks and bring them a little closer to market.