Rocket Roundtable

Open Standard Resporator meetup image

FORGE held a virtual Rocket Roundtable with a total of 20 attendees – two PPE startups, the Open Standard Respirator and Maker Mask, and a panel of supply chain experts and government contacts. Both startups are in need of connections in different parts of the supply chain. The Open Standard Respirator team needed augmented testing resources and tooling/injection molding resources, connections to demand centers, and PR and legal assistance, as well as grant funding.

Maker Mask was looking to move from 3D printing to injection molding, and to get their masks produced efficiently in America. Both companies were able to give quick pitches on their objectives and needs, and received valuable advice concerning use cases, design for manufacturing, and how to navigate government regulations and production levels now and in the future. Both teams received valuable connections across their supply chains – from prototyping to scaling to production. In facilitating these immediate connections and keeping the conversation flowing after the event, FORGE looks to accelerate the path to production for these amazing endeavors and contribute to the fight against COVID-19.