Working From Home: Cybersecurity During the Pandemic

splash banner: working from home: cybersecurity during the pandemic

FORGE hosted an event with Lando & Anastasi, LLP (L&A), a boutique-size, full-service IP law firm, on the importance of strong cybersecurity and IP protection practices for startups, especially with the recent shift to remote work. Establishing a culture of cybersecurity behavior can make a huge difference for an early-stage company protecting its ideas, product, and processes.

A great discussion led by Nicole Palmer of Lando & Anastasi highlighted the importance of taking advantage of new technology to safeguard your company, as well as maintaining organization over access and control of information. She not only covered options to protect data such as patents or trade secrets, but also the value of creating a culture of confidentiality and respecting data rights and privacy, starting with the attitudes and beliefs around cyber security as an organization.

Cybersecurity and IP protection might not be an early-stage startup’s first priority, but guarding intellectual assets with the right tools and processes can help organizations achieve lasting success.