FORGE establishes operations in Connecticut, offering free support to local startups

Connecting startups with manufacturing and supply chain resources helps set the stage for long-term innovation, Connecticut governor says.

By MMH Staff · February 23, 2023

Governor Ned Lamont has announced that FORGE – a nonprofit organization that connects startups creating physical products with the product development, manufacturing, and supply chain resources they need to grow and succeed – is establishing operations in Connecticut and will begin providing its services – free of charge – to local startups.

The staff at FORGE are considered experts in helping innovators navigate the journey from physical prototype to commercialization. They do this by connecting startups with experienced product experts, manufacturers, engineers, and the local supply chains to drive business relationships. Since its founding in 2015, the organization has operated in Massachusetts, where it has supported hundreds of creators of physical products, leading to the creation of more than 5,000 jobs and adding $34 million to the local economy.

In Connecticut, FORGE intends to replicate that success by identifying innovators and connecting them with manufacturers that have required resources and skillsets. FORGE will also leverage its expertise to help innovators ensure they are suitable for manufacturer consideration, ultimately accelerating the process of bringing product ideas to life.