FORGE Partner Spotlight – Cambridge Polymer Group

Cambridge Polymer Group (CPG) has been a trusted, integral partner and collaborator of FORGE for more than 3 years. CPG helps manufacturers and startups by developing solutions to their materials problems, at all stages of their product development, production, and distribution cycles. Their expertise covers polymer resins and natural polymers (such as proteins) as well as polymer additives and the behavior of these materials in solution and in coatings. CPG also provides materials consultation, analytical testing, and research and development.

Working with CPG provides manufacturers and innovators with access to state-of-the-art instrumentation, skilled equipment operators, and materials experts who translate test results into solutions. Buying specialized equipment and hiring the staff for short-term research is prohibitively expensive for many manufacturers. CPG provides manufacturers with analysis or development that optimizes production and accelerates success.

CPG works with FORGE innovators as an out-sourced partner in providing a unique collection of biomedical and engineering resources to accelerate projects or tasks and solve problems as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible. FORGE’s Director of Partnerships, Paul Butler said “Cambridge Polymer is a tremendous asset to the FORGE supplier network. Their unique capabilities coupled with their willingness to help startups succeed, make them the perfect partner for new hardware companies at a critical stage in their development, helping set the stage for their future success.”

CPG’s President Stephen Spiegelberg participated in the recent FORGE panel discussion “Material Selection for Physical Product Development” about choosing materials for increased product success in medical or harsh environments. The CPG team will be tabling again this year at the FORGE Showcase at Mash-Up , September 16th, 2022.