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Creating the Future of Workspaces

A photo of devices charging on a desktop surface, with graphics showing the flow of energy.

DeepCharge is solving a twenty-first century problem that is familiar to all of us: forgetting or losing a charging cable and running out of power for a device. We rely on charging our phones and computers and may even have a chargeable drill or screwdriver. Running out of power is an inconvenience in most cases… unless you are doing an important presentation, like to an investor, or powering a medical device, drone or other important tool. DeepCharge is revolutionizing wireless charging capabilities through the world’s first intelligent and programmable wireless charging platform.

While Yousof Naderi and Kaushik Chowdhury were working on cutting-edge research projects at GENESYS Lab (Northeastern University) in wireless charging, they were doing what good inventors do: trying to find possible stakeholders and use cases (i.e. customer discovery) to validate their ideas. They were invited to Intel HQ to demonstrate the initial idea for what would become DeepCharge: an intelligent, programmable, software-defined wireless charging solution. Yousof and Kaushik then refined their beachhead, to provide a high quality, consumer-ready product, forming DeepCharge in 2018.

Yousof asked himself: “If we can go to Mars twice, why do we still have to deal with the hassle of wires and cables?”

DeepCharge is leading the reality of the next generation of wireless charging and intelligent surfaces. The platform features advanced, AI-enabled wireless charging technology, delivering multi-device wireless ‘anywhere, anytime’ charging freedom, helping untether billions of battery-powered devices.

The system simplifies daily life by transforming wireless charging, making surfaces like tool benches or desks into intelligent, wireless power solutions where multiple devices are charged on the surface with high power. Built in, patented software provides visibility into usage.

Where DeepCharge is going

As for applications, DeepCharge has chosen the beachhead market of medium to high-end workplaces. Their first pilot was in Austin, Texas at Fibercove, and included desks outfitted with new features like smart surface laptop charging, offering faster charging for all devices. The pilot also included enhanced wireless HDMI fully integrated within the monitor stands, eliminating the need for unsightly power and HDMI cables. During the initial pilot phase, DeepCharge conducted in-depth tests to analyze user feedback to improve the overall efficiency of its technology to help develop the expanded platform features.

In the future, DeepCharge anticipates partnering with brands and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in support of future market segments. With DeepCharge’s technology, the opportunities for streamlining the charging ecosystem are endless –  the multi-device charging pads could be used in consumer electronics, power tools, drones, offices and shared workspaces, furniture, hospitality, healthcare, and more.

Success requires engagement with good partnerships; leveraging the right relationship really helps no matter how early you are. Having the ability to iterate and build in a lab really helps, especially when it is local, and you can work with their experts. Look for the right partnership to build and test your prototype as it is crucial. Look for a real partner,” stated Yousof.

Visualization of DeepCharge's product at work

Successful pilot of sophisticated consumer electronics

DeepCharge approached FORGE in mid-2021, looking for resources to help them accomplish their pilot. FORGE made 12 supplier connections for DeepCharge, and Yousof notes that the key connection for success of the recent pilot was to the University of Massachusetts Advanced Digital Design and Fabrication (ADDfab) facility. The partnership accelerated DeepCharge’s ability to quickly prototype and test the pilot with multiple enclosures that improved upon their handtooled plastic one. ADDFab improved both the quality and look of the enclosures and produced them faster. DeepCharge was also able to benefit from rebates through state of Massachusetts resources and the UMass system Core Facilities rebate.

As DeepCharge scales the pilot, resilience is important. FORGE connected them to additional suppliers to support this next phase, and DeepCharge, as is good practice, will compare a few. Currently, additional needs include turnkey manufacturing and some additional design and engineering support. 

FORGE is proud to support DeepCharge as the company innovates the future of the workplace, and looks forward to continuing to support their success!