Quikcord: Success Story

A simple solution to save lives everyday and on the front lines

Three colorways of the Quikcord product on a mossy log

Utility devices for any emergency situation

An innovative paracord solution won’t let you down when you need it most

Quikcord co-founders Matthew Adams and Matt Fioretti holding their product.

For military men and women, simple equipment can be a major factor in determining whether an operation is a success. One example is paracord – an extremely high tensile strength cord military members carry as a temporary fix for essentially anything in a tactical or emergency situation. But paracords have traditionally suffered from major performance issues. There was no easy way to carry the long length of cord, which typically tangles easily. Enter Quikcord.

Matthew Adams, an 8 year marine corp infantry and special operations veteran has the solution to the paracord problem. He developed Quikcord, a hand-held utility device which lets users carry, cut, and deploy paracord in the most efficient way possible. Quikcord is a six-inch, canister-like device that stores and dispenses paracord without ever allowing it to tangle. It is extremely lightweight and carries up to 25 feet of cord, utilizing a patented stacking method within the device to dispense cord as easily as possible.

The innovative product includes multiple other features as well, including a “smart blade” built into the housing of the device to ensure precise and safe cutting of the paracord, and a nighttime signalling device called a buzzsaw that can provide 12 hours of uninterrupted signal in emergency situations. Quikcord is for both civilian and military use. This invention is a gamechanger for avid outdoorsmen, fisherman, campers, and many more.

FORGE impact: regional connection

After coming up with the idea and specs for the device, Adams and Quikcord CFO Matt Fioretti knew they had a fantastic product on their hands. The only problem: they had no idea where to find the resources they needed to move from their “prototype” – a toilet paper roll covered in duct tape, according to Fioretti – to impact at full scale production. The only thing they were sure of was that they didn’t want to source their supply chain overseas from the lowest bidder. They wanted to keep production local and serve their East Longmeadow hometown community. With nowhere to turn, the innovators found FORGE in 2017. Using our network of over 350 regional supply chain contacts, we were able to quickly make a number of right-fit connections, several based out of East Longmeadow itself, for all of their manufacturing needs.

Manufacturing the Quikcord locally

A man in camo uniform using the Quikcord to cut paracord

These connections have allowed the startup to quickly scale production through the creation of a viable design and mud mold. They have even been able to source nearly every component of their bill of materials locally in Massachusetts, including their assembly!

“FORGE put us in contact with prototypers, manufacturers, plastics consultants and showed us many different programs that were vital to our early progression,” Fioretti says. “Now we are proud to have come from a duct tape-covered toilet paper roll… to an injection molded part that will be manufactured and assembled here in Western Massachusetts.”

“A lot of our required assembly materials were sourced right here in the Pioneer Valley. Working with FORGE has been nothing short of amazing, and we have learned so much.”

Quikcord co-founder Matt Fioretti

Throughout the years that we have worked together, Quikcord has remained a valuable startup in the FORGE network, even attending an event at Toner Plastics with State Senator Eric Lesser last fall, pictured below. FORGE continues to work alongside them to this day, providing them with connections to supply chain support whenever they need it.