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FORGE Partner Spotlight –  Bossard

FORGE Partner Spotlight – Bossard

Getting Connected with Bossard When you’re prototyping, your workshop can start looking like the bench in your granddad’s garage—cluttered with bins of nuts, bolts, and washers in every imaginable shape and size. Beware! The wrong fastener choices during product development cause headaches and delays when you scale. A rivet that seems perfect now might be…

FORGE Partner Spotlight – Cambridge Polymer Group

FORGE Partner Spotlight – Cambridge Polymer Group

Cambridge Polymer Group (CPG) has been a trusted, integral partner and collaborator of FORGE for more than 3 years. CPG helps manufacturers and startups by developing solutions to their materials problems, at all stages of their product development, production, and distribution cycles. Their expertise covers polymer resins and natural polymers (such as proteins) as well…