The Many Industries that Benefit from Plastics

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Plastics Manufacturing Resources, a FORGE Iron partner, connects companies to a wide range of plastics manufacturing options, from injection and blow molding to additive manufacturing, thermoforming and more. In this Tools of the Trade, they write about the many industries that can benefit from plastics. If you’re looking into manufacturing your innovative product from plastic, don’t miss this one.

An astonishing facet of plastics manufacturing is its diversity in application. We work consistently with eight different industry types and can work with just about anyone to fulfill any plastic product needs.

Those industries, though, give us our most consistent work; as such, they’re a big part of the work we can provide communities daily. Here’s a quick look at those industries and what we can do for them.

Industrial businesses

We’ve created work that includes power and energy engineering parts, including fluid handling. We also manufacture elements used in measurement and control systems. We also work a lot on equipment used for Internet of Things projects and communication.

Medical industry

Our team manufactures individual pieces of instrumentation and supplies. We also build essential parts of surgical devices and laboratory or diagnostic housings.

The military

Our work for the Armed Forces has many uses, including helmet accessories, personal wearables, device housings and communication components.

Aerospace industry

The cockpit equipment can be manufactured by a business such as ours. We also work on instrumentation, steering accessories and internal/external lenses.


Much of the work we do is destined for use in HVAC systems. We also make internal components, basement systems and condensate neutralizer parts as part of our work.

Sports and leisure

These can be really fun projects! Among the items we’ve made that fall under this category are kayak paddles, sleds, outdoor living specialty items and various sporting goods where plastic is a key part.

Material handling

We manufacture items such as significant structural foam parts and gas assist handles.

Electronic consumer products

The plastic elements of a laptop, many housewares and toys originate from the techniques that we do.

…and plenty more than that!

If it’s made out of plastic, we should talk about it. We thrive at helping businesses make whatever they dream up for a need that is essential for a potential customer.

Because we work with such a diverse series of techniques to craft objects from plastic, we can fit your needs. From different types of molding work to gas assist/structural foam, we can find the right process for what you want to create.

In addition, our consultants are longtime experts with the knowledge to find the best material creation at the best cost for you. We love a challenge and also can rise to the occasion.

To find out more about our business and what we can do to help, go to our website or call us at 508-878-8280.

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