PEKO Masterclass From Prototype to Production: Event Recap


May 20, 2021

FORGE hosted a collaborative event with our Iron partner PEKO Precision, a precision tool fabricator which has grown to provide a full range of equipment manufacturing solutions based in Rochester, New York. PEKO Masterclass: From Prototype to Production was presented by Mark Frosino, Scott Baxter, and Bill Melvin, and covered the process and considerations for bringing your company’s prototype to production.

Mark Frosino introduced three key metrics to keep in mind when considering manufacturing: cost, quality, and delivery. These metrics are bound to fluctuate and change throughout the product development process, but they play an important role in determining the best course of action for your product. He also highlighted the often forgotten importance of keeping detailed documentation of every step of development to prove complete ownership and portability later on. To find out more about intellectual property for your startup, check out FORGE’s recap of Mintz Masterclass: Patents 101.

“The unknowns are unknowns,” Frosino admits in the conclusion of his presentation. However, with the right contract manufacturer, your company will receive guidance and feedback that is critical for success.

Following the presentation, there was a Q&A with participants to address their most pressing patent-related questions. In case you missed the PEKO Masterclass: From Prototype to Production event, check out the full video recording! Also, check out their guide to identifying a contract manufacturer.

If you’re a startup looking for connections to contract manufacturers and design experts like PEKO, contact us or sign up for a Product Development Session!

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