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Cambridge Polymer Group (CPG) has been a trusted, integral partner and collaborator of FORGE for more than 3 years. CPG
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On the Cutting Edge of Product Development You want to wow your customers with your new product. But you also
A photo from the Manufacturing Mashup
On a beautiful day at Worcester’s baseball stadium, Polar Park, manufacturers, startups, suppliers, students, and legislators met to celebrate manufacturing
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A Document Review is similar to a Design Review but focuses on communicating the important features of a component or
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The plastics industry is constantly evolving. Companies and manufacturers are continually looking for new ways to meet consumer demands and
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Identifying a Contract Manufacturer is an important milestone. Before launching into the search, there are a few key considerations. Precision
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So many things go into the process of designing and building a prototype. Here are a few general steps in
John Killam, President of MassMEP, visits the FORGE Showcasing partners as they set up
Robots + $25k in prizes = A FANTASTIC time John Killam, President of MassMEP, visits the FORGE Showcasing partners as
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Bossard is THE fastener expert. Its services services can help you find the right fastening solutions for manufacturing and make
Event graphic for 'Rocket Roundtable for Supply Chain Solutions: Agtech'
    What did we learn from bringing together 3 of the most cutting edge agtech startups and a panel
"Demystifying Medical Device Classification and Approval" over two hands in latex gloves giving a thumbs up.
You may not have been able to make it to the Demystifying Medical Device Classification & Approval with MITRE webinar,
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How do I make my product more durable? Here are 4 key lessons.    Ruggedize: to strengthen (something, such as